Dangers of One Bad Wire Explains Pasadena Electrician

We always like to minimize things in our lives to make them just a little easier to deal with. It is easy to think it is something minor and isn’t really a big deal. Out of sight, out of mind. Unfortunately, it isn’t such a good idea when you are dealing with something as serious as bad wiring. It doesn’t even have to be bad wiring, but a loose wire in a single outlet can cause a serious problem. If you have an outlet that isn’t working all the time, it is serious. You need to call an electrician in Pasadena, like those at The Electric Connection.

You probably can’t tell by looking at an outlet that something is wrong behind it. There are some clues that will help alert you to a potential problem. If the outlet doesn’t work all the time, it is a sign of trouble. If you feel the wall around the outlet and it is hot, unplug whatever is in the outlet. You have a major fire hazard. Another clue, says a Pasadena electrician, is sparking or a jolt when you plug things in or unplug. If this happens, don’t use the outlet. If you can, turn off the breaker to the outlet until you can get it looked at. Black marks around the holes or shooting up the wall are definite warning signs.

Outlets are at a high risk for having loose wiring just because of the usage. Every time you plug and unplug something, you are jarring the wires behind the outlet. Yanking plugs out is definitely not a good idea says an electrician. Pasadena homeowners who suspect there is any kind of problem need to act fast. Wires that are touching will eventually start a fire. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your wiring inspection to identify any serious problems.