Power Outage Tips and Tricks by Beverly Hills Electrician

It is better to be prepared for a power outage than to have to scramble when one actually happens. Having a drawer, a small space in a cupboard or even a rubber tote filled with the supplies you will need when the power goes out is a good idea. Your Beverly Hills electrician suggests you keep at least one flashlight and some backup batteries, a battery-powered radio, matches and some emergency candles along with sturdy candleholders in your kit. These are just a few things you will need to get you through an outage. You can call The Electric Connection to learn about some other things you may want to keep in your kit.

Once the power goes out, you will want to grab your kit, especially if darkness is falling or it is already dark. If it is daylight, you can take care of these things without needing any light. As soon as the power goes out, you want to go about protecting your sensitive electric equipment. Smart TVs, computers, laptops and so on are very sensitive to electric surges. They need to be unplugged from the wall until after the power comes on and seems to be staying on. Don’t rush right over and start plugging stuff in the second you see the lights come on. It is not uncommon to have the power hiccup a few times before there is a steady stream.

You will also want to turn off any appliances and lights that may have been at the time of the outage. This will help cut down on a surge coming into your home and potentially causing serious damage. If this does happen, you will need to call your electrician. Beverly Hills residents can call The Electric Connection if there have been any side effects from a power outage.