Electrician Los Angeles – Powering Your RV from Your Home’s Electrical System

If you own an RV, you are probably always looking for ways to make life easier. One of the areas you may struggle with is providing consistent electricity to an RV. When you are staying in an RV park, there is often a power source—however, if you want to use your RV’s power system at home (to utilize it as a guest house, for instance) you may feel at loss as to what you need to do. Follow this advice from an electrician in Los Angeles and see what you need to do to “borrow” electricity from your home for your RV.

First, you must realize it is not as simple as just plugging your RV into your home’s electrical system. This will overload your power system, trip the circuit breaker and leave you scratching your head. If you see this as something you may do very often, you want to get in touch with Electric Connection—the electrician Los Angeles residents turn to—and let these experts set you up with an RV to home connection.

There are adaptors available but they will not provide enough electricity to do much other than operate the lighting in your home. You will need to install a long term solution. This is a project that can be done yourself; however, it is strongly recommended that you turn to a professional. It requires extensive wiring work that is not recommended for those not skilled in working with electricity. Essentially, you need a specific circuit that is dedicated to powering your RV.

If you are interested in powering your RV from the electricity in your home, contact Electric Connection today and let us work with you on this project. You will appreciate the experience, expertise and top-notch customer service you receive every time you call Electric Connection.