Closet Lighting Installation by an Electrician in Beverly Hills

The easiest way to add lighting to a closet is by installing a simple, battery-powered fixture or hanging a corded fixture plugged into a nearby outlet. However, there are permanent solutions. Calling an electrician Beverly Hills, such as one of the skilled members of the Electric Connection team, is always a great choice when you have electrical projects that need completed. Learn more about what Electrical Connection will do when installing closet lighting in your home.

The electrician will work with you to determine the local building codes for clearance around the fixture then mark the desired location. He or she will then go into the attic and cut the hole necessary for installation. This may require some drywall work to properly mount the fixture.

At this point the electrician will cut off power to that part of the home using the home’s service panel. An electrical circuit cable will be run from the source point to the fixture box. Many times there will be a receptacle near the closet, or this may run through the attic to find a suitable spot. It is important the electrician tests to make sure the circuit can accommodate the fixture.

The electrician in Beverly Hills will connect the fixture following the wiring diagram from the manufacturer. The wiring connections will be completed at the source point. Finally he or she will restore power to the circuit and test the light fixture.

As you can see, this is a relatively complex task and not one you want to tackle alone. If you are considering the installation of closet lighting for your home, make sure you work with the best— the expert electrical team from Electric Connection is always here for you and ready to take on any type of lighting installation project you may have.