Prevent Accidents with GFCI Outlets by Los Angeles Electrician

Homes that were built more than 10 to 20 years ago are likely not equipped with the much safer grounded-fault circuit interrupter outlets in the kitchen and bathroom areas. GFCI outlets are ideal for use in areas where there is potential for an appliance to be exposed to water. Everybody knows water and electricity don’t mix. But, we need our gadgets and just try to be extra careful. Unfortunately, accidents happen. A Los Angeles electrician, like those at The Electric Connection, can help you protect not only yourself, but your family members from suffering serious injury when one of those little accidents happen.

The difference between the standard outlet and the GFCI outlets is the safety feature that cuts power to the appliance the second there is an interruption in the flow of electricity from the outlet to the appliance. The breaker will be tripped if the circuit does not flow along the correct path and is interrupted by your body for example. This protects you from suffering an electric shock. If you accidentally drop the blow dryer into the sink while the water is running, it could be an extremely dicey situation if the dryer is plugged into one of the old-style outlets. Power will continue to run to the dryer until the water shorts it out. You would risk receiving an electric shock if you tried to grab the blow dryer out of the sink while the electricity is still flowing.

If you would like to protect your family from these kinds of accidents, call an electrician. Los Angeles homeowners can have current outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms replaced with GFCI outlets without a lot of hassle. These outlets are great for anywhere in the house and can also prevent shock from wires that have been damaged by rodents chewing through or that have been ran over by the vacuum. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your outlet upgrade.