Holiday Lighting 101 by Santa Monica Electrician

Tis the season to deck the halls, the lawn and anywhere else you can add a little holiday cheer in the brightest of ways. Bright lights, tall air-filled front lawn decorations and moving figures can really make a lovely show and propel your house to the top of the best decorated list. However, all of those awesome decorations require electricity. Your Santa Monica electrician wants you to be safe and have fun this holiday season and has a few rules when it comes to decorating. The team at The Electric Connection can answer any additional questions you may have.

1. If possible, use LED light strands. They are cooler, use a fraction of the electricity and you will really love how bright the LEDs are. You get more bang for your buck.
2. Never connect more than three strands together. You will end up with flickering lights or half strands in the middle of the string that don’t light up explains an electrician in Santa Monica.
3. Use the right extension cord for the job. Only use cords made for use outside in the lawn. Consider using one of the power strips made for the outdoors to run several lights and decorations.
4. If you are finding outdoor electric outlets to be in short supply, call an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners can have more outdoor outlets installed around their lawn to make decorating a breeze and limit the amount of extension cords needed.
5. Consider putting your holiday lights and other décor on a timer. This ensures everything comes on at the right time and doesn’t inadvertently get left of all day or night.

Have a safe and fun holiday while making your house the best decorated on the block. Give The Electric Connection a call if you need some additional outlets to make your decorating task a little easier and safer.