How to Save Money On Electric Bills In an Apartment

save money apartment billsOwning a home comes with several benefits including the flexibility to make changes as you please. But it’s a different thing altogether when you are one of the millions of people who rented an apartment and have limited control over the building. High monthly electricity bills can threaten that sweet feeling of having your own space and freedom.

The good news is, there’s no need to panic or subject yourself to the hassle of high bills. In a few seconds, we will share some practical and effective tips to help you save money on the electric bill in an apartment.

  1. Find perks that work to your advantage.
    Living in an apartment means you must go with the electricity provider your landlord chose. While it may not be your first choice, it’s possible to make this existing plan work to your advantage. Take a look at the bill you have received and call the electricity provider with the number on the bill. Ask the following questions:

    • Is there a specific time during the day or night when electricity is cheaper?
    • Are there perks or extra plans available?
    • Is there time for free electricity?
    • Do they offer free audits?
  2. If you are lucky and most of your questions come with positive replies, you can work your schedule around using electricity more during the cheap or free hours. For example, if electricity is free at night, do the laundry or use the dishwasher during that time. A free audit can help you learn ways to save on electricity and use less power.

  3. Change your habits
    Perhaps you have never had to pay the electricity bills so you never practiced restraint. Well, you get to learn how to change your habits if you want to save on the bill.

    • Don’t leave idle appliances on
      If you are not using a certain appliance, unplug it. Leaving these appliances plugged to the outlets still draws electricity which is accounted for in your bills.
    • Establish electricity-free days
      It won’t hurt you to go without the Television or other power demanding electronic appliances once or more times in a week. They consume more electric power and limiting your use can save a lot on the bill.
    • Use cold water and sun dry
      Wash your clothes or dishes in cold water and save on the electric power needed for hot water. You can also opt for sun drying clothes if possible.
    • Maintain your appliance
      When electrical appliances work slower they consume more power. Keep all your electronics efficient with regular maintenance to avoid the demand for more power.
  4. Get tooled up
    The changes you can make to the apartment to save on the electric bill include:

    • Switch to the power saving LED bulbs
    • Use a low-flow shower head
    • Insulate your water heater
    • Purchase a smart thermostat
    • Use fans
    • Use a low-flush toilet

If you are unsure about making these changes, then don’t hesitate to ask your landlord before proceeding.