paying high electricity bills

Why Your Utility Bill Is High

paying high electricity billsIf you’re reading this article, chances are you’re probably dealing with a high utility bill. You wouldn’t normally pay attention to your power bill but now you want to know what’s going on.

You’re not the only one who’s turned suspicious over a utility bill so pay close attention. Here is a list of things to check when you see a spike in the bill.

  • You Never Go Out: Hear me out; when you stay indoors for too long, you use a lot more power. You watch a little more TV; cook a little more; leave the lights on a little longer and you charge your appliances a lot more often, and then it all adds up.

Utility bills are bound to spike up during holiday seasons when you’d spend a lot of time indoors with family and during the pandemic as well. You may also notice an increase in the price during certain seasons. For instance, the weather gets a lot hotter during the summer, so you use the air-conditioning a bit longer and when it gets colder in the winter, you use your heater more. All that can give your utility bill a rather significant boost.

  • Vampire Appliances Sucking The Power: These are appliances and electronics that stay connected all the time. Appliances like your TV, your kitchen appliances, and the likes consume a good amount of power all the time. Whether these appliances are in use or not, as long as they stay plugged into the power source, they add to your bill.
  • Inefficient Appliances: The older the appliance, the less effective it is. That doesn’t mean it consumes less power though. Also, some appliances consume a lot more than others. So if you just bought a new appliance, like a lightbulb, be sure to check the type of bulb you’re getting and the amount of energy it consumes. Getting Led bulbs would be better for you. They use far less power and last way longer than the rest.

To save up on electricity and cut down the utility cost, you may want to check on those vampire sources and unplug them when they’re not in use. You can plug them back in when you’d want to use them but be sure to take them right out after.

Getting new appliances as well to replace the old ones will also prove to help along the way. Just make sure you’re checking how effective they are and how much energy they’d likely consume.

Don’t forget to turn off the lights when the day’s bright. You don’t need the extra lighting in the middle of the day. Invest in a good programmable thermostat that you can customize to suit your needs.

Check if you’ve been billed for the wrong meter reading as well. If your bill isn’t an estimate, then you may have been given someone else’s by accident. Compare your previous meter readings to the new ones and call up your supplier to lay a complaint.

An electrician may be able to help troubleshoot what is causing the high electrical bills. Please call The Electric Connection for more information if you are interested.

How to Save Money on Your Los Angeles Electric Bill

save money apartment billsLiving in the bustling city of Los Angeles can be exciting. It’s a city with everything from being able to chase your dreams to the lazy days you are just looking to have fun. It’s almost possible to forget the high costs of living that comes with all the benefits.

Homes in Los Angeles pay up to 23% more for electricity bills compared to the national average. While solar energy solutions are becoming more popular, the larger part of the population still has to consider ways to save money on their electricity bill in LA.

Thankfully, your favorite experts at The Electric Connection have effective tips ready to help you slash those bills in half.

  • Use a programmable thermostat

You’d be surprised how much of your electric bill has to do with your heating and cooling system. With a programmable or smart thermostat, you can set temperatures to 78 degrees when you are home during summer, 68 degrees during winter, and turn it off when you are away. This helps you save up on up to 10% on heating and cooling.

  • Turn off your lights

Turning off your lights when they are not in use or you are away can both help you save on the bill and get paid. Residents in California can earn money through OhmConnect when you agree to cut down on power usage a few times in a week. You earn based on how much power you save. To help you get higher numbers and save on your electricity bill in general, you can switch your lights to LED bulbs.

  • Use nature’s gift

When possible ventilate your home by opening up your doors and windows. Doing this more often helps you cut down on heating and cooling bills.

  • Purchase right

Thanks to continuous breaks in technology, there are several appliances on the market equipped with energy-saving features. Look out for an Energy Star (R) symbol which shows the appliance is compliant with standard energy-saving codes.

  • Unplug devices

We are all guilty of leaving unused appliances plugged in at some point. Regardless of if you turn off the switch or not, phantom charges that can accumulate end up having some significance on your bill.

  • Timers and Power Strips

It won’t be easy keeping up with all plugged in devices, especially those mounted on the wall. Save up on electrical energy by bringing in power strips and timers. These tools allow you to set a schedule for the connected devices to be shut off from power. It comes in handy all the time, but more importantly when you are not home or asleep. A good example is if you need to run your pool pump for some hours. Using a timer ensures you can set the time for the pump to work and be turned off.

There’s also more to save on electrical energy when you get an audit from a professional electrician. The electrician can give more tips suitable for your home.




How to Save Money On Electric Bills In an Apartment

save money apartment billsOwning a home comes with several benefits including the flexibility to make changes as you please. But it’s a different thing altogether when you are one of the millions of people who rented an apartment and have limited control over the building. High monthly electricity bills can threaten that sweet feeling of having your own space and freedom.

The good news is, there’s no need to panic or subject yourself to the hassle of high bills. In a few seconds, we will share some practical and effective tips to help you save money on the electric bill in an apartment.

  1. Find perks that work to your advantage.
    Living in an apartment means you must go with the electricity provider your landlord chose. While it may not be your first choice, it’s possible to make this existing plan work to your advantage. Take a look at the bill you have received and call the electricity provider with the number on the bill. Ask the following questions:

    • Is there a specific time during the day or night when electricity is cheaper?
    • Are there perks or extra plans available?
    • Is there time for free electricity?
    • Do they offer free audits?
  2. If you are lucky and most of your questions come with positive replies, you can work your schedule around using electricity more during the cheap or free hours. For example, if electricity is free at night, do the laundry or use the dishwasher during that time. A free audit can help you learn ways to save on electricity and use less power.

  3. Change your habits
    Perhaps you have never had to pay the electricity bills so you never practiced restraint. Well, you get to learn how to change your habits if you want to save on the bill.

    • Don’t leave idle appliances on
      If you are not using a certain appliance, unplug it. Leaving these appliances plugged to the outlets still draws electricity which is accounted for in your bills.
    • Establish electricity-free days
      It won’t hurt you to go without the Television or other power demanding electronic appliances once or more times in a week. They consume more electric power and limiting your use can save a lot on the bill.
    • Use cold water and sun dry
      Wash your clothes or dishes in cold water and save on the electric power needed for hot water. You can also opt for sun drying clothes if possible.
    • Maintain your appliance
      When electrical appliances work slower they consume more power. Keep all your electronics efficient with regular maintenance to avoid the demand for more power.
  4. Get tooled up
    The changes you can make to the apartment to save on the electric bill include:

    • Switch to the power saving LED bulbs
    • Use a low-flow shower head
    • Insulate your water heater
    • Purchase a smart thermostat
    • Use fans
    • Use a low-flush toilet

If you are unsure about making these changes, then don’t hesitate to ask your landlord before proceeding.

13 Easy Ways to Save Money on Electric Bill

save moneyRegardless of your socio-economic class, every one of us could benefit from a little frugality in our lives. If you keep track of your spending and compare the figures over a long time, you find that you spend more on certain things you believed were cheap. In fact, according to the energy department, a regular family spends an average of $2,200 on utilities alone within a year.

At some point, you may have realized that you spend a lot on electricity. This can rack up a hefty bill and nobody wants that. We have put together some practical tips to help you save money on electric bills.

  1. Get an energy audit
    Before you dive into cutting down on this and that, it is relevant to assess the energy needs of your home. Several utility companies offer an energy audit for free so you can take advantage of them. The information will give insight on where to cut down your energy use.
  2. A smart home saves energy
    As professional electricians, we know that modern and smart homes have better chances of cutting down electricity bills. Smart homes come with several automated or programmable systems which make it easy to increase comfort levels and save on bills. You can turn off lights, heat, air, and more when you are not home or don’t need them. This control can help save big on electricity bills and enjoy a safer, comfortable home.
  3. Ceiling fans
    Ceiling fans still work and are a great substitute for air conditioners. They help to circulate air around the home, and although they might not change room temperatures like air conditioners; they are great for lowering energy costs. An electrical technician at The Electric Connection can provide a ceiling fan installation service.
  4. Replace light bulbs
    Slowly replace the light bulbs in the home with energy saving, efficient LED lights. LED lights are uniquely designed lights that are affordable and capable of cutting energy use by 50%. Some home decorators dislike LED lights for their ugly bright coils, but in recent times, better-looking LED lights are being produced.
  5. Install dimmer switches
    An electrician can assist you with the installation of dimmer switches. A dimmer switch allows you to set the brightness of your home lights to your liking. Setting it on low when not in use or in the evenings helps you use less electrical energy.
  6. Line dry your clothes
    Saving involves sacrifice and compromise. In this case, line drying your clothes is not so tough. After using the washing machine, save on energy by line drying clothes outside (in your backyard) or in an airy place.
  7. Carry out yearly HVAC maintenance
  8. Lower the water heater temperature
  9. Do laundry with cold water
  10. Do home chores at night to avoid peak time billing during the day.
  11. Unplug appliances when not in use
  12. Use a programmable thermostat
  13. Upgrade home appliances for better efficiency and energy saving.

3 Most Effective Ways to Save Energy by Los Angeles Electrician

It is always a great time to think about saving a little more money wherever you can. You can make it a New Year’s resolution or simply make a change and a commitment to add a few more dollars to your savings account each month. Whether you choose to skip coffee once a week or carpool, every dollar helps. You can also save money by using less electricity says an electrician in Los Angeles. Here are three of the most effective ways to save energy. You can call The Electric Connection if you have any questions.
1. Your thermostat is going to give you the most control over how much energy you can save. In the summer, turning the thermostat up a couple of degrees (meaning the house is a touch warmer) or turning it down in the winter (meaning the house is not quite as warm), is your best option for saving real money. You can dress a little warmer or a little cooler to be comfortable say a Los Angeles electrician.
2. The next big energy user in your home is the hot water heater. In a nutshell, using less hot water will save you some money. Taking shorter showers, only running the dishwasher when it’s full and washing clothes in cold water when possible are all ways to save.
3. Refrigerators and freezers are the next big energy hog in your own home. While you can’t really do without the appliances, you can make sure they are not costing you more than necessary. Checking the seals, closing the doors when not in use and setting the thermostat to thirty-six to thirty-eight degrees is a good way to save energy explains an electrician. Los Angeles area residents can also invest in a newer energy-efficient model.

If you would like to learn more about energy savings, give The Electric Connection a call today.

Electric Savings Tips for Summer by Pasadena Electrician

Have you cranked up the air conditioner yet this summer? If you have, you already know your electric bill is going to jump up. It can be a huge concern for those who can’t afford to pay an exorbitant electric bill, but also can’t afford not to cool down their homes. A cool home is a comfortable home. You need a place to get out of the heat for your comfort as well as your health. There are a few things you can do to help beat the heat and keep your electric bill from skyrocketing. These are some tips from your Pasadena electrician that will hopefully allow you to stay cool without costing you a small fortune. The team at The Electric Connection can answer any of your electrical questions that may arise.

*Stay ahead of the game by blocking the sun as much as possible with heavy curtains or blinds. Keep them closed during the day. This will go a long ways to keeping your house cool.
*Don’t run the dryer or stove during the day whenever possible.
*Replace the old CFL and incandescent bulbs in your home with LEDs. They not only put off less heat, but they use a fraction of the electricity explains an electrician in Pasadena.
*Consider hanging your clothes out to dry on a drying rack in your backyard or your deck.
*Have a ceiling fan installed by an electrician. Pasadena homeowners will appreciate the cool breeze the fan generates as well as reduce the electric bill by keeping the cool air circulating. This will result in the air conditioner running less.
*Set your thermostat a few degrees higher when you are away from the house.

You can still be cool and comfortable at home without running up your electric bill. Follow these tips and be conscientious about your electricity usage. If you need a ceiling fan installed, give The Electric Connection a call today.

Reducing Energy Costs by Glendale Electrician

This is the time of year you can get by without running the heat or running the air conditioner all day. It is a great time to save a little cash by reducing your energy costs. As you enjoy this downtime, this is a good time to start thinking about other ways you could reduce your electricity usage in preparation for the hot summer weather. You know its coming, along with the high electric bills that can be staggering after such a lull. Your electrician in Glendale has some tips to help you reduce your energy usage. The team at The Electric Connection can provide you with helpful information as well.

1. Pull out your vacuum and give your vents and filters below the fridge and around your home a good cleaning. Change the filters on your furnace and AC as well.
2. Buy a roll of foam insulation, spray foam or caulking and seal up those drafty areas around your windows. This is going to keep your cool air in during the summer or warm air in during the winter.
3. Have an programmable thermostat installed by an electrician. Glendale homeowners can set the temperature to adjust throughout the day and night. Some of the newer models allow you to use your smart phone to adjust the temperature in your home. If you aren’t there, you don’t need to keep it as cool or warm when you are home.
4. Adjust your hot water heater temperature. You don’t need it to heat water more than 120 degrees. Scalding water is just asking for trouble and is a waste of energy.
5. Go with LEDs. Buy in bulk and change out your old lightbulbs for the energy-saving bulbs. They are just as bright or brighter than the CFLs or incandescent bulbs.

These are things you can get done in a matter of days. All it takes is a little time and effort. It is worth it when you see the savings on your electric bill. If you need new light fixtures to accommodate your new LED bulbs, just call your Glendale electrician. Give The Electric Connection a call today and start saving money.

Power Saving Tips by Burbank Electrician

This winter is shaping up to be a cold one, even in areas you wouldn’t expect it. It can throw a wrench in your budget when you get an electric bill that is significantly higher than you are accustomed to. Running the heater all day and night is going to cost you. There are some things you can do to reduce your power usage throughout the winter to help offset the usage of the furnace. Your electrician in Burbank can help you do just that with these power saving tips. The team at The Electric Connection can provide you with more details about energy saving tactics.

1. Hold a family meeting. Make it clear that everyone needs to be a little more energy conscientious and make the effort to conserve.
2. If you are decorating for the holidays, consider investing in LED lights. They use far less electricity and are much brighter. More bang for your buck!
3. Give the lights inside the home an upgrade to LEDs as well. A Burbank electrician can change out old light fixtures to the newer ones that use the LED bulbs.
4. Encourage your family members to shorten their showers by at least 3 minutes. This will save you some cash by reducing how often your hot water heater needs to fire up explains an electrician. Burbank homeowners can invest in a number of different energy efficient water heaters.
5. When you turn on the heater, be frugal. You can set it at 72 and still be comfortable. If you are chilly, put on a sweater and some warm socks. Take the opportunity to enjoy some hot chocolate under a warm blanket.

Saving money doesn’t mean you have to dramatically change your lifestyle. A few simple tricks and you can balance the budget. Turn on the heat and rest easy. If you need any future tips or need those new LED fixtures, give The Electric Connection a call today.

5 Ways to Save Electricity this Summer by Santa Monica Electrician

electricon6_5-16Stay cool as a cucumber this summer without running your electric bill sky high and your finances into the ground. Summer is such a fun time of year that we all look forward to those hot days spent at the beach enjoying the warm ocean breeze. Sometimes, the heat is just too much. We all need a break. We don’t want to be warm all the time, especially when we want to relax or sleep. It is natural to turn the AC down a bit so you can cool down after a long day in the sun. unfortunately, every degree you lower the thermostat is more money you are going to be spending. An electrician in Santa Monica wants you to stay cool and comfortable, without breaking the bank. The team at The Electric Connection has been helping customers like you for years and is here to help.

There are some things you can do this summer to help stay cool without taxing the AC. Your Santa Monica electrician says these are tried and true methods.

  1. Invest in some heavy shades for the windows that get the most sun. Draw the shades when the sun is beating down on those windows to help keep it a little cooler in the room.
  2. Consider investing in window tint on windows that face the south. This allows you to see out without allowing the hot sun to heat the room.
  3. Have a few ceiling fans installed by an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners will love the feel of a cool breeze washing over them when they are in bed at night.
  4. Open the windows at night if the temperature is cool. Giving the AC unit a break can save you a great deal.
  5. Try to avoid cooking with the oven during the heat of the day. Use a crockpot instead.

Stay cool this summer without having to pinch too many pennies. Give The Electric Connection a call today to schedule your ceiling fan installation.

Is Your Electric Meter Spinning? Glendale Electrician Provides Energy Savings Tips

electricon4_4-16You know that little meter outside your home that is fairly unattractive and unnoticeable until you hear it making a scary sound. The sound is the little dial spinning around and around. That dial spinning represents your money flying out the door. The dial is measuring the amount of electricity you are using in your house. A spinning meter can be a little scary and you will be dreading the next electric bill. When you think about this summer, it is easy to really get concerned about how much it will cost you to keep your home cool. An electrician in Glendale can help you manage your spinning meter and help keep some of that money in your pocket. The team at The Electric Connection is here to help.

These are 5 ways you can help limit your electricity usage and keep your electric bill down.

1-Make a commitment to set your thermostat at about 74 this summer. That is a comfortable temperature and you can maximize it by using a ceiling fan installed by a Glendale electrician to help stir up a breeze and circulate the cool air.

2-Buy a laundry rack and dry a few things outside on the patio to cut down on how often you use the dryer.

3-Be more conscientious about the amount of hot water you use. Don’t leave the faucet running while you wipe down cupboards or rinse dishes. Shave a few minutes off your shower time as well.

4-Switch out your old bulbs for the much more energy friendly LEDs. These tiny little bulbs use a fraction of the electricity of the standard bulb. You can also use CFLs. In some cases, you will need to have your light fixtures upgraded by an electrician. Glendale homeowners will appreciate the new look an updated fixture brings to a room.

5-Buy new curtains and blinds to use as sun shields this summer. It will help keep your home warmer and save on cooling costs.

Give The Electric Connection a call today to install that new light fixture or ceiling fan so you can start saving money on your electric bill.