Space Heater Safety Tips by Santa Monica Electrician

With the winter months closing in, there are some things you need to know before you pull out that portable electric heater. Sure your feet may get cold under your desk or your bathroom is a little cooler than you would like in the morning, but before you plug in that space heater you need to get informed. These are some tips from your Santa Monica electrician when using any space heaters this winter.

Your space heater should be placed as close to the center of the room as possible to ensure nothing comes in contact with the heater. You don’t want furniture, drapes, paper products or anything else touching the heater and creating a fire hazard.

Ventilation is crucial to any electrical appliance. It needs room to breathe so to speak. Heaters should never be placed up against a wall or any other surface. Anything electrical needs proper ventilation. This can be taken care of by an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners who are not sure what is needed should definitely contact a professional.

The last consideration when pulling out the space heaters this winter is the cord condition. Before you plug anything in, check the cord to make sure it is not frayed or damaged in any way. This can be a major fire hazard if there are any loose or exposed wires or areas where the insulation around the cord is thin. The heater should be plugged directly into an outlet and never an extension cord. The cord should also run along a wall or somewhere out of the way of foot traffic to avoid it becoming damaged.

These tips can be applied to any electrical appliance. If you have any more concerns or questions about a space heater, give The Electric Connection a call today. We are here to answer any questions you may have.