What’s Spinning Your Meter? Los Angeles Electrician Explains

electriccon_july_1Have you ever walked outside the house where your electric meter is mounted and heard a strange whirring noise? Was it the sound of the little hands on your frantically spinning around and around? If so, you were probably instantly alarmed. Every turn on that meter is costing you money. Your electric bill is going up right before your very eyes. How can you stop the wheels from spinning quite so fast? An electrician in Los Angeles is going to tell you how. At The Electric Connection we understand that every dollar counts and if you can keep a few more in your pocket things will be much better for you.

The following items are some of the biggest energy hogs in your home that are causing that meter to spin like crazy. Some you can control and others are just a part of life explains a Los Angeles electrician.

1-The refrigerator is costing you money. If you have invested in an energy efficient refrigerator, you are ahead of the game, but even those use a lot of electricity. The key is to make it use less by making sure the filter on the bottom and behind the refrigerator is clean.

2-A hot water heater is also going to cost you. You can limit how often it runs by shortening your hot showers and only washing full loads of dishes. Using the cold or warm setting on the washer is another way to cut back on hot water usage.

3-The air conditioning unit is probably one of the biggest culprits causing your meter to spin explains an electrician. Los Angeles residents definitely need to stay cool in the summer, but keeping the thermostat turned down too low isn’t really necessary. You can save some money on your electric bill by having a ceiling fan installed. The fan will circulate the cool air and create a slight breeze that makes you feel cooler.

Give The Electric Connection a call if you have any questions or would like to have a ceiling fan installed in your home.