Tripping Breakers Explained by Los Angeles Electrician

Have you ever started the dishwasher while trying to make a quick breakfast in the microwave or with the toaster only to have the entire kitchen go dark? Or maybe you are running a space heater and it shuts down with no warning. Tripping breakers can be a real annoyance. The frustration of having to reset clocks or reprogram your electronics is not cool, but a tripping breaker goes beyond being just an irritation. It can be a major warning sign that there is trouble brewing in your electrical system. Your Los Angeles electrician wants you to take your tripping breaker seriously. The team at The Electric Connection can help you get to the bottom of the problem.

To help you understand why a tripping breaker is a bad thing, your electrician in Los Angeles will explain a bit. When a breaker trips or shuts off, it is because it is likely on the verge of overheating. The tripping or cutting of power to the outlets that are in use on that circuit, is a safety mechanism. If the breaker didn’t trip, the breaker would overheat, spark and cause an electrical fire. Constantly resetting a breaker that is tripping is risky. The breaker is protecting you and by forcing it to stay on, you are putting your home at great risk of fire.

The reason the breaker trips may be something as simple as the circuit being overloaded explains an electrician. Los Angeles residents, you have too many appliances drawing too much electricity at the same time. A remedy would be to unplug items and do a little rearranging to lighten the load on one breaker. Another option would be to have another circuit breaker installed so you could distribute your power needs. If you have a tripping breaker, give The Electric Connection a call and have it checked out.