Unpluggable Tesla Charger

unpluggable tesla chargerOwning a Tesla is the dream and desire of many electric vehicle drivers. One can hardly blame them because Tesla vehicles never fail to redefine sleekness, efficiency, portability, and flexibility.

Tesla electric vehicles are unique with several features specific to their brand. The manufacturers are constantly developing new ways to stand out and increase drivers’ experience with Tesla vehicles. This sort of mindset has a large role to play in the introduction of Tesla unpluggable chargers.

Yes, drivers can now take their chargers with them for the fullest, flexible, and most beneficial charging experience.

Previously, drivers had to install high–power wall connectors in their home to charge their vehicles. While this served its purpose, it didn’t do much in terms of convenience and flexibility for all. Hence, the new unpluggable chargers come as a welcome development.

Using this charger is designed to be closely similar to the regular way. Tesla owners need to install a 230-volt wall outlet if they do not already have one in their home parking spot or garage. The charger can be plugged in to charge in the home and just as easily unplugged to take with you on a journey or daily drive.

What we know and like about the new Tesla unpluggable charger

The most important feature to look out for in electric car chargers is power. Tesla does not completely exchange convenience for power with this product, and owners are grateful for that.

The charger delivers up to 40 amps of power or 9.6 kilowatts to Tesla models such as the Model S, Long Range Model 3s and Model X.
Other models such as the Mid-Range Model 3s and Standard Range cars can get up to 32 amps of power or 7.6 kilowatts from the new charger.

This charger also uses a four-pin NEMA 14-50 wall plug. It is practical and easy to carry along in the car. You get to use it as needed with 14-50 wall plugs at your destination.

An addition to this is the portable volt-charge cord, which plugs into any outlet but charges slowly. It will take a few days to get a full charge.