What To Do If You Hear Electrical Humming Sound In Wall?

hummingNo one likes to experience mysteries in their own home. When it comes to hearing a humming sound, it can be both confusing and even as terrifying as a scene from a horror movie.

Humming sounds can almost seem like they are coming from everywhere in the walls or nowhere in particular. But the fact is, if you have heard an electrical humming sound more than once, then it’s likely there and some electrical component is to blame.

We will discuss some possible causes of an electrical humming sound in the walls and what you can do about them. It’s also important to know that in most cases the electrical humming sound can be a warning sign of other problems.

  1. Mains Hum

The mains hum is either a humming or buzzing sound made by electrical wiring or equipment. The sounds occur at 60 hertz (for humming) and 120-180 hertz (for buzzing sounds). They are common with large appliances built with a motor. A good example is a refrigerator. Also, a magnetic field from outside the home can create and increase a mains hum in your audio systems. A mains hum is normal and harmless unless the hum becomes a loud buzzing sound. When this happens, you should contact your electrical technician.

  1. Circuit Breaker

There are a few reasons why a circuit breaker may cause a humming or buzzing sound in your electric system. These include an overload of current. When a circuit breaker conducts more electricity than it can normally handle, it should shut off. When it fails to automatically shut off the current overload develops an audible buzzing sound. The solution is to turn off the electricity to your home and replace the breaker. Improper or incorrect wiring to a circuit breaker can also lead to buzzing sounds.

  1. Wiring Problems

If your electrical wiring is the source of the electrical hum within the walls, it could be from a wide range of causes. Only an electrical technician can inspect this and point out the specific source of the buzzing sound. An example of sources of buzzing sounds due to wiring problems are improperly grounded wires.

  1. Light Fixtures

A light fixture can make a humming or buzzing sound if the bulb is faulty or being used on a dimmer. Sometimes the fixture type is also to blame. Fluorescent light fixtures are also known for often making humming sounds. You can fix this problem by changing the bulb or fixture. If the sound persists, then call an expert to fix the problem.

Since a humming sound could be an indicator of other issues in your electrical system, it’s best to call an electrician when you notice these sounds. The electrician can better identify where your electrical hum is coming from and why. They can also fix the problem.

Avoid taking up fixing the electrical hum in the walls as a DIY project to avoid accidents or harm to life and property,