Why Hire a Certified Electrician in Santa Monica

electriccon_09_6If you need some work down around the house, you may be tempted to look for one of the least expensive people you can find. Calling a name you found on Craigslist or calling the friend of a friend who does things around the house is not a good idea. There are several very good reasons you should only call a certified electrician in Santa Monica like those at The Electric Connection.


If a mistake is made on the part of the electrician and the home suffers damage, you may risk your home owner insurance payout. Many insurance companies require you to use a certified, licensed and insured professional in your home. This gives the insurance company somebody to hold accountable should something go wrong.


A Santa Monica electrician who is certified will have had to have passed some tests to receive their certification. This is one way to test their knowledge about electricity before they ever step foot in your home. The certification process also guarantees the certified electrician has some hands-on knowledge and training. If you choose to hire somebody who isn’t certified, you risk getting someone who doesn’t have any real knowledge.


When you hire a professional, you have some sort of guarantee the work will be completed up to code and will be safe. Hiring somebody off the street could leave you with a bigger mess and no recourse. You need to be able to have somebody to hold accountable.

Your home is a huge investment. It just makes sense you would only trust it to a certified electrician. Santa Monica homeowners cannot afford to risk their investment. Your home as well as the safety of your family while in the home is far too important. Call The Electric Connection if you need any electrical repairs and you can take comfort knowing you are getting a certified, professional electrician to work in your home.