3 Ways to Utilize Recessed Lighting

los angeles recessed lightingWhen you are considering what types of lighting to use in your home, it’s important to think about how best to highlight the best features of a room, create an atmosphere that is inviting, and improve the functionality of a room. You need to choose the best mix of lighting to give your room the most life. Recessed lighting is an excellent way to create an inviting and functional room that is sure to keep you and your family happy.

How is recessed lighting best used?

Recessed lighting has many functionalities and can be used in pretty much any room in your home. We have compiled a list of the three best ways to utilize recessed lighting. Read on to learn more!

Bathroom Lighting

When you think about lighting your home, you might overlook the bathroom. Common homes have one single light overhead which can be inadequate for lighting the different areas in your bathroom. Using recessed lighting in your bathroom can bring style and functionality to your space which can help you both relax and unwind as well as get ready for a night out.

You can use recessed lighting in the bathroom in more than just the ceiling. Place the light fixtures around a mirror to create the perfect bathroom mirror. When used with other types of light fixtures, recessed lighting can help create a very even and shadow-free lighting that normal ceiling light fixtures cannot.

Since recessed lighting has housings that can get wet, they are ideal for inside the shower or over a tub. Add an additional light inside your shower to see better when getting clean.

Dramatic Effect

If you have artwork you want to show off in your home, recessed lighting gives you the perfect opportunity to do so. Recessed lighting can give you that perfect dramatic effect when lighting photos or sculptures.

Certain fixtures have movable parts. With adjustable recessed lighting trims, you can angle the light in whichever direction you wish. This gives you more ways to light your home.

Kitchen Lighting

Many kitchens are very underlit leaving it hard to see when cooking or entertaining. Lighting can be an afterthought when you are focusing on creating the perfect kitchen setting. Recessed lighting can be the perfect solution for a kitchen’s needs. It can be placed overhead of a preparing area so you can have the best view of what you’re working on. Combined with other types of light fixtures, you can have the best kitchen around.

There are many ways to utilize recessed lighting in your home – these are just three examples. If you have any questions about the type of lighting needed for your home, consult with a professional electrician today.

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