Attic Fans Can Reduce Electric Bill Explains Electrician in Glendale

With electricity becoming a prime suspect in the drain on your bank account, you are probably looking for ways to reduce your energy bill. It isn’t feasible or safe, to sit in a home that is hot and stuffy. Running the air conditioning unit constantly is extremely expensive and hard on the unit itself, which may result in costly repair bills. There are some things you can do to help keep your home cool, without running the expensive AC.

An attic fan is one way you could save money on your electric bill. An electrician in Glendale will be necessary to help you install a new fan or several fans depending on the size of your attic. The Electric Connection team is available for you and would love to help you cool your home and ultimately save money.

Attic fans work to pull out the hot, stagnant air that accumulates in finished attics. Most fans are controlled by a thermostat. This prevents the fan from running constantly and keeps you from having to remember to turn on the fan when the temperatures begin rising.
There are some requirements that need to be met before you decide to have an attic fan installed. The attic must have soffit or gable vents. This allows the fan to bring in the cooler air to the attic space. The attic should also be sealed from the rest of your house. If these requirements are not met, you will end up wasting money by drawing your cool air from below, into the attic.

If you are not sure about your attic, you will need to contact an electrician. Glendale residents can rely on the experienced professionals at The Electric Connection. The staff will make notes about your attic and what kind of fan would work best.