Perks of Installing an Attic Fan

attic fan installationAn attic fan, or whole house fan, can help to reduce the temperature in your whole home. This fan is installed in the upper level of a house to connect to the attic. The location of the fan should be in the most central part of the house so it can do its job the best. An air-tight installation, as well as a good ventilation system, are also very important factors.

Should you install a whole house fan? A professional electrician can give you more advice on if your home would benefit from such fan. It’s also important to make sure you select the correct make and model for the size of your home. Below are some advantages of installing an attic fan to help you make the decision.

Faster Cooling

The way these fans work is by drawing the hot air from your house into the attic and out through vents. Cool air from outside then replaces the hot attic it removed. This works much faster than an air conditioner as the effects can be felt in minutes. Keep in mind, though, that the attic fan will only work if it is cooler outside than it is inside.

Energy Efficient

Since it uses less power, an attic fan is much more friendly to the environment than an air conditioning unit.

Money Saver

Research shows that a whole house fan can cost only 10-25% of what running an air conditioner costs. It is much, much cheaper. You will see a savings of hundreds of dollars every summer.

The fan itself also costs less than an air conditioner. You can find whole house fans for 10 times less than a central AC system.

Clean Air

Since the whole house fan removes the hot air from inside and brings in cooler air from outside, it also freshens the air. By replacing the air, it can help remove any odors that may be present in your home.

Quiet Operations

When you think of a fan, you may think of a loud, annoying humming sound. Fortunately, with the newer models of whole house fans, you will hardly ever know the fan is on.

Installing an attic fan has many benefits. If you have any questions, you can contact a local electrician for advice with a whole house fan. Install one today to save money and keep your home fresh and cool.

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