How Attic Fans Work

attic fan installationIf you don’t have an attic fan installed in your home, you have probably wondered if one would work for you. You’ve probably heard about attic fans but aren’t sure how they work or what they even do. Attic fans are special ventilation fans that give your home an energy efficient way to cool hot attics. In doing this, they help cool off the rest of the home.

Best installed during the spring or summer months, these fans can be used to help out the central air conditioning systems. Attic fans definitely cannot replace a central air unit in terms of cooling off a whole home, but they offer a smart alternative to help cool down a home. Since attic fans aren’t as powerful as an air conditioner, they can’t completely cool off your home. They use a fraction of the energy, which makes it appealing to thought who want to stay energy efficient.

An attic fan is first and foremost a fan. It will push the hot air out of your attic and replace it with cooler air found outside. As with any fan, there are several types available. Most of them contain the same features – small vents to bring the cooler air inside and a fan that pushes the air to the outside. It may seem simple, but can be very effective.

What are the benefits of installing an attic fan?

  • Cool your home and be energy efficient
  • No unsafe gas use
  • Brings down the humidity levels
  • Easy to install
  • Usually inexpensive
  • Great alternative to cooling the home

Be careful to not make the common mistakes of installing an attic fan. This is to cover the vents with insulation. The more insulation in your attic, the more energy efficient it will be BUT if you cover the vents of your attic fan it will render the fan useless.

Also, be sure to keep your windows open when you are using the attic fan. By keeping your windows closed, you are reducing the effectiveness of the attic fan. The fan works by creating a negative pressure to release the air to the outside. By leaving your windows open, you allow the fan to bring in more cool air into the attic and your home.

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