Bathroom Lighting Ideas by Electrician in Burbank

electriccon_07_3A problem so many people deal with and assume there is no real solution to is bathroom lighting needs in the dead of night. Turning on the light to take care of business can be too much. It is too bright and ends up blinding you before waking you completely up and making it next to impossible for you to fall back to sleep. You may feel like you are forced to choose between complete darkness or too much light, but an electrician in Burbank has another option. The reliable team at The Electric Connection wants to help you take care of your bathroom lighting woes.

Under the Cabinet Lighting

You can add some light to the bathroom without making it completely by blinding by placing it low to the ground. A rope light placed under the lip of the bathroom counter near the floor adds just the right amount of light in an area where you really need it. This is a quick and easy job for an electrician. Burbank homeowners will appreciate the effect the soft lighting gives the room as well as its usefulness.

Outlet Nightlights

These are very handy and shed just the right amount of light over the sink area. The lights are attached inside the outlet cover and do not require the services of a Burbank electrician. The lights work on a sensor and will automatically turn on when it is dark.

Lighted Toilet Seats

These may not be quite as practical, but they are certainly very neat looking. It isn’t the actual seat that lights up, but the hinge of the toilet seat. The soft glow of light illuminates the bowl and gives a person a little direction.

If you would like an electrician to take care of these small bathroom lighting jobs, give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your appointment.