Upgrading to Recessed Lighting with Beverly Hills Electrician

electricon2_2-16Are you one of those people who enjoys watching home makeover shows? If so, you may be feeling inspired and want to make some changes to your own home. On those shows, they make it look so easy. A person hands over the reins to a professional designer who then hires contractors to do the work and within half an hour a home is given an overhaul. In real life it isn’t quite that easy and is definitely not that fast, but you can give your home a makeover without going through a lot of trouble. You will need an electrician in Beverly Hills to make it happen. The crew at The Electric Connection can help you transform your home by simply replacing some outdated lighting.

If you have watched those shows, you have probably noticed they tend to favor recessed lighting in places like the living room and kitchen. The lighting is sleek and makes the room look bigger by simply leaving the ceiling area clear. When you install light fixtures, you lose several inches of space, that can make the area look smaller. When a Beverly Hills electrician installs recessed lighting, sometimes referred to as can lights, you are creating an area that makes it feel more open and the ceiling will feel and look higher.

This is a simple fix that you actually can have done in a single day. You would be amazed at the difference the removal of hanging lights and chandeliers will make in an area. It is very cost effective and you can add as much light as you want by talking with your electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners will have a number of different design options to choose from. Your choices are absolutely not limited. Give The Electric Connection a call today to schedule your home makeover that starts with the lights.