Chandelier Upgrades by Santa Monica Electrician

Would you like to have your entryway lighting fixture be one that screams elegance while being functional? If you have always marveled at the homes in magazines or featured in some of those renovations you see on television, you may have noticed the entryway is generally very dramatic. It sets the tone for the home. If you have been longing for a similar update in your home, it can start now with the installation of a gorgeous chandelier by an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners can count on the crew at The Electric Connection to complete the installation.

A chandelier is really a statement piece in a room. You can often let the light fixture act as the only piece of décor and skip adding any artwork. There are many different styles and sizes to choose from, ensuring you will find one that perfectly suits your needs explains a Santa Monica electrician. Do a little shopping online and do what you can to visit the lighting department of your store. The fixture you choose should complement the space, without completely overwhelming it. Large is great, but too large and it will make the space look smaller.

Your next consideration is the amount of light that is actually produced with the chandelier. An electrician in Santa Monica recommends LED bulbs, simply because they are much more energy efficient. You can generally have the chandelier installed with a dimmer switch that allows you to turn up or down the intensity of the bulbs if you have went with a fixture that may be a little too bright for all occasions. However, a dimmer switch will typically not work with a fixture using LEDs—yet. The technology is likely coming, but we aren’t there yet. Give The Electric Connection a call today and let us get your new chandelier installed for you.