Do You Have Enough Light? Beverly Hills Electrician Answers

Are you tired of feeling like you are living in a cave? Or maybe your home seems to be overly bright to the point you have to close the curtains or leave the lights off to save your eyes. How do you know when you have enough light? An electrician in Beverly Hills has a few tips to help you determine how much light should be in a room based on what that room is used for. Certain areas, like the kitchen or bathroom, are going to need more light while other rooms are best with lower light. The team at The Electric Connection can help you take care of adjusting the amount of light in your room once you have decided what you need.

There are a few terms you need to know before we get started. Foot candle is the brightness of a bulb one foot away from the source. Lumens is going to be the number of foot candles multiplied by the square footage of the room. It’s easier than it sounds explain a Beverly Hills electrician.

*Bedrooms typically need about 10 to 20 foot candles
*A kitchen needs anywhere from 30 to 80 depending on how much light to prefer.
*A hallway only needs about 10 foot candles
*A living room does best with 10 to 20 foot candles

Now that you know what you need for each space, multiply your needed foot candles per room by the square footage of that room. For example, your living room needs 20 foot candles and it is 200 squre feet, you would need 4000 lumens. Check the lumens on a particular bulb and you will know if you need more light fixtures. You can add a lamp, track lighting or some recessed lighting to get the light you need by calling your electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners can call The Electric Connection to have more light fixtures installed.