Why We Love Recessed Lighting by Pasadena Electrician

Recessed lighting has been a trend in new home construction for the past decade or more. It only seems to be getting more popular with home renovations as more people discover the benefits to the sleek lighting system. People may also be unaware of some of the variations of recessed lighting that are available. It really is a great way to light up your entire home. Your Pasadena electrician has a few points for you to consider as you think about updating the lighting in your home. The team at The Electric Connection can answer any other calls you may have about installing recessed lighting throughout your home or in a single room.

1. The reflective can that surrounds the actual lamp helps direct the light, making it appear much brighter. Instead of light flooding the area, it is directed in one space. A single bulb in a recessed lighting can looks significantly brighter than a traditional fixture.
2. There are different sizes of cans, which means you can tailor the size of the fixture to your needs.
3. You can choose from a variety of trims to match your décor explains an electrician. Pasadena homeowners can choose a reflective trip or ring around the light or go with one in a particular color. This is one way to make a room unique and showcasing your personal style.
4. Most recessed lighting fixtures are compatible with LED bulbs. This a great way to save electricity and take advantage of the brighter, cleaner light of an LED.
5. You can choose an “eyeball” trip, which allows you to direct the light in a particular direction. This is especially handy in living rooms and dens when you don’t want a light shooting directly on you. This style is perfect for highlighting artwork in a room.

Your electrician in Pasadena can help you pick the right light for your needs by offering some tips. Once you are ready to update your lighting, give The Electric Connection a call to have it installed.