Electrical Maintenance Technician and Electrician in Burbank – What is the Difference?

You may hear the terms electrician and electrical maintenance technician and think they are the exact same position. While they do complete many of the same tasks, there is a difference. When you are searching for the best electrician Burbank has to offer, you want to understand this difference so you can make the right decision. Learn more about how an electrician and electrical maintenance technician position varies and you will be ready to make the right hire for your electrical project.

Job Differences

An electrician in Burbank is who you would call to install wiring, make electrical repairs and deal with power systems in residential and commercial properties. These experts understand wiring blueprints and can also help connect circuit breakers and transformers. An electrical maintenance technician also works with electricity, but in less complex forms. For instance one of these technicians may handle preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and repair simple switches.


An electrician must complete an apprenticeship program that offers both classroom courses and extensive on the job training. He or she must also obtain proper licensing from the state or county, ensuring that all proper procedures are followed. In many cases an electrical maintenance technician will learn skills with a certification course or on the job training.

Pay and Growth

Those with electrical skills are lucky to have a bright future. Both positions are expected to grow at a rapid rate, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. This same data does show the salary difference between the two positions. An electrical maintenance technician, on average, earns nearly $15,000 less per year than a licensed electrician does.

As you can see, there is a difference between the two positions. If you want a licensed and experienced electrician to tackle your electrical projects, call Electric Connection today and let one of our experts come complete your electrical project today.