Hidden Dangers in Your Home by California Electrician

As you lay in bed at night, with the doors locked, the alarm set and your security lights on, you probably feel relatively safe. You should. These are all things we do to give us a little extra protection when we are at home. Even with all of these safeguards, there are other dangers lurking. These dangers are not so obvious and are very well hidden behind the walls of the home. These electrical hazards sneak up with little warning. The team at The Electric Connection wants you to be safe at home and can help you identify the hazards before they become serious problems. All it takes is about an hour long electrical safety inspection and your due diligence.

An electrical outlet is used and abused pretty often. Every time you plug something in, you are applying pressure to the outlet and the box behind it. When you unplug something, you often have to wiggle it. Although you should never yank a plug out, it does happen. Each of these actions can cause the wires that are bringing electricity to the outlet to loosen. Your California electrician explains that over time, the loose wires can arc and cause sparks. The insulation surrounding the electrical boxes can ignite, causing a home fire.

Fortunately, there are often some signs to look for to let you know that something isn’t quite right with your outlets. Pay attention and at the first sign of trouble, call your electrician in southern California. A quick inspection and a tightening of wires or a replacement of the outlet can fix the problem. An electrical inspection can help you identify other potential hazards and give you the chance to fix them before they become a serious issue. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your inspection so you can sleep even better at night knowing your family is that much safer.