Hot Tub Installation by Electrician Beverly Hills Homeowners Rely On

Have you decided to take the plunge—pun intended, and buy a hot tub? Coming home after a long day and climbing into a hot tub can be extremely satisfying. The hot water bubbling and washing over sore muscles can soothe all those aches and pains that tend to build up over the day.

Your first step is to head to the specialty store that sells the hot tubs. Pick the tub that is the right size for your family’s needs. There are a lot of choices and this may be a process that takes you several weeks. Once you have chosen the perfect tub, you need to decide exactly where it is it will go in your yard. Remember to consider the power needed to operate the tub when you are thinking of placement. Then, you will need to call your electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners can give The Electric Connection a call to discuss installation.

Because of the amount of electricity needed to power a hot tub, it requires a dedicated breaker. The luxury appliance will also need to be hard-wired into your home’s main power. This is a big job that requires the experience and knowledge of a certified electrician. In most cases, county and city codes require a licensed electrician completes the hook up.

If your home is older, you may need to have an electric panel upgrade to accommodate the new hot tub. If you are unsure of what you have, call your electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners will need to ensure their home has the additional power needed to power the hot tub. This is typically not something the average person would be able to tell by simply looking at the electric panel.

Give The Electric Connection a call and we will be happy to inspect your electrical panel and complete the hot tub installation for you.