LED Light Strips Transform Your Home by Electrician in Santa Monica

As you explore different lighting options for your kitchen, you may want to check out LED light strips. You can have the strips installed virtually anywhere. If you have ever seen LED lighting, you know it is very bright. Amazingly, the bulbs are super small and extremely energy efficient. If you are looking for a solution to your lighting troubles under the counters in your kitchen, around the vanity in the bathroom or even an adequate reading light in your bedroom, consider having an electrician in Santa Monica help you with the installation of one of these affordable LED light strips. At The Electric Connection, you will find knowledgeable staff who are willing to help you take care of the little electrical jobs around the house.

The light strips can be bought at your local home improvement store in various sizes. They are sold in strips that allow you to cut the strips into the desired length for placement under your kitchen counters or over your headboard. Because there is some electrical work involved, you will want to have the installation completed by an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners will be amazed to discover how bright just a single light can be. They can transform a dark area, like your closet, into a bright, inviting space with just the flick of a switch.

Now, you are probably thinking LED lights are great for some things, but it can be a little overwhelming at times. There is an answer to that. Your electrician can equip the light strip with a dimmer switch. This allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. The best part about LEDs is the energy savings. They use just a mere 36 watts. If you are ready to transform your dark closet or under counter space, give The Electric Connection a call today.