Reduce Mold with a Bath Fan Installed by Los Angeles Electrician

An inexpensive way to help ventilate your bathroom is with the installation of a bathroom fan. If you already have one, is it adequate? Homeowners have probably realized an improperly operating or nonexistent bath fan results in excess moisture in the bathroom. This leads to numerous problems including mold growth. An electrician in Los Angeles can take care of the installation or replacement of your bath fan.

Why You Need a Bath Fan

Bath fans are essential tools needed to keep the humidity level down in the bathroom during hot showers. Without a way to pull the hot air out, condensation builds up on every surface in the bathroom, including the toilet paper! This is clearly not something you want to experience. Mold growth can become problematic and leave the bathroom with an unpleasant mildew smell.

DIY or Electrician?

If you have an existing bath fan that needs replaced, it is typically a fairly simple swap. You will need to handle some electric wires as you disconnect the old and wire in the new one. If you are familiar with electrical work this is a pretty easy task. If you have never dealt with wiring, it is advisable you contact your Los Angeles electrician to handle the job for you. You will need to consider your personal safety before embarking on this task.

If there is not a current fan, you have a little more work to do. You will need to properly vent the pipe, cut a hole in the ceiling and bring in an electrical connection to hook the fan up to. This is definitely a job you will want to leave to the professionals. A switch to turn the fan off and on will also need to be installed.

If you are ready to keep your bathroom dry and mildew free, give The Electric Connection a call.