Saving Money on Your Electric Bill by Glendale Electrician

electricon4_2-16There are always things you need to buy. Sometimes life likes to throw little emergencies your way and you will be short on funds. Wouldn’t it be nice to find ways to save money on your monthly bills so you were prepared for those little emergencies? You may have noticed your electric bill going up. This is something you can expect to continue happening for the months and years to come. That electric bill is going to cut into your budget and make things a little tighter. Your Glendale electrician has some tips to help you lower your electric bill and keep a little extra money in your pocket. The team at The Electric Connection is here to help.

Replacing Light Bulbs

If you haven’t done it yet, you need to get rid of those old bulbs that are sucking electricity and running up your bill. Replace those bulbs with CFLs or have an electrician in Glendale install LED fixtures. CFLs use about 75 percent less electricity than incandescent and LEDs use about 90 percent less.

Use Less Hot Water

Shave a few minutes off of your daily shower. When washing your hands, rinse and shut off the water while you are lathering up and scrubbing. Turn on the water and then shut off again. Only wash full loads of dishes and consider turning the setting on your clothes washer to warm or cold water.

Unplug Appliances

It may not seem like a big deal, but every single thing that you have plugged in is drawing electricity explains an electrician. Glendale residents can save a few dollars every day by unplugging cell phone chargers, laptop chargers and even gaming systems that they don’t use regularly. Anything that is plugged in is drawing a small current. It is something known as phantom electricity.

These three things are easy and will not change your lifestyle in anyway, but they will save you money. If you have questions about energy savings or want to install energy-efficient light fixtures, give The Electric Connection a call today.