Updating Old Wiring with Santa Monica Electrician

electricon6_2-16Homes are built to last, there is no doubt about it, but sometimes, the little details in the home are not always quite so durable. Technology is constantly advancing and we are always learning new ways to build. Homes are built to be safer than they ever were in the past. Building codes and regulations are far more strict nowadays, which is a good thing. It means builders and contractors are being held to a higher standard. Older homes are still valuable and worthy of being taken care of and updated to meet today’s safety standards. An electrician in Santa Monica, like those at The Electric Connection, can help you make your old home a safe place to live.

Wiring that was put into houses more than 50 years ago wasn’t made to last. Cloth insulated wiring was regularly used in home building into the 1950s. The cloth has proven to be frail and decays over time. As it decays and falls away, it leaves the wires it once insulated bare. A Santa Monica electrician, along with a team of trained electricians, can replace all of the wiring in a home to make it safe again. It is an extensive process, but once the wiring has been updated, you can expect your homeowner’s insurance to be much lower.

If you are not sure what kind of electrical wiring you have in the home, you can call for an inspection by an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners don’t have to guess about what is behind their walls. An inspection will tell you exactly what you are dealing with. There is a chance some of the wiring has already been updated. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your electrical wiring inspection so you know what needs to be done to make your home safe.