Upgrading Your Electric Panel with Beverly Hills Electrician

electricon2_4-16You may be getting tired of having to unplug this to plug in that or walking around trying to find an extension cord long enough to use your laptop in your favorite chair when it is dead. Everything we do somehow involves electricity and when the electricity isn’t dependable or easily accessed, things can be difficult. For some, the problem is their home was build 30 years or more ago and back then, builders didn’t have to worry about putting six outlets in the kitchen or several outlets in one spot in the living room to accommodate all of today’s gadgets. Today, when you try to run the microwave and coffee maker at the same time, you get a tripped breaker. Your electrician in Beverly Hills can help you with that. You only need to call The Electric Connection.

The reason you can’t use several appliances at the same time is because the way the outlets were wired to the same breaker. The breaker cannot support the electrical demand. When you look at the basic number of outlets in the living room or your bedroom, it is the same story. A Beverly Hills electrician explains each of those outlets and the light fixture in the room tend to be on one breaker. Trying to add more outlets or a powerstrip to create more outlets is going to overload the breaker and it will trip.

Regular tripping breakers weaken overtime and will eventually not work altogether. You can solve all of these problems by having your electric panel upgraded by an electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners will love the freedom more electricity brings. Charging devices, running appliances with the lights on and living life in the 21st century is possible with an upgrade. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your appointment.