5 Quick Tips to Save on Electric Bill by Pasadena Electrician

It is that time again—electric bills are on the rise. You can chalk this up to a number of different causes, but the fact is, electricity is getting more expensive. You can’t do much about controlling the rates, but you can do your part to reduce how much electricity you use and ultimately reduce your monthly electric bill. A Pasadena electrician wants to help you do just that and has some tips for you to implement in your home so you can save a few extra dollars. The team at The Electric Connection can answer any questions you may have about electric savings.

1-It is important you make a real effort to turn off lights and electronics whenever they are not in use. Turning off the appliances is not always enough. You need to unplug your electronics as well to reduce phantom power.

2-Take the time to replace any of your old incandescent light bulbs with the newer, much more energy-efficient CFLs. This can ultimately save you a quick $20 or thereabouts on your monthly electric bill. Don’t put off replacing those old bulbs.

3-Switch your dishwasher setting to air dry. Only wash full loads to conserve energy.

4-Air dry your clothes whenever possible to cut down on your electric bill. Only wash full loads of clothes and if you must use your dryer, only dry full loads.

5-Consider having a ceiling fan installed by an electrician. Pasadena homeowners can take advantage of the cost savings ceiling fans provide on both the heating and cooling bills of a home. Fans can be placed throughout the home to circulate air while keeping the home at a comfortable temperature.

This is just a very small sampling of the energy savings tips you can put to use for you. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your ceiling fan installation.