What’s the Fuss About CFLs? Los Angeles Electrician Explains

You have seen the news and have heard about the government’s move to make those cheap light bulbs a thing of the past. You are probably wondering why this is necessary and what is all the fuss about these CFLs you have seen in place of those other incandescent bulbs? Your Los Angeles electrician is here to explain why this is one trend you want to be a part of. The team at The Electric Connection can help you make the transition from the outdated bulbs to the new, more energy efficient CFLs.

One of the major complaints about the CFLs is the expense. Yes, they are more expensive. You can expect to pay anywhere from $3 to $5 for a single bulb. Before you let that deter you from jumping aboard the CFL bandwagon, read on. You have probably noticed the bulbs are sold in singles more often than the 4-pack we have become accustomed to buying. When you start using CFLs, you will understand why. The bulbs last 10 times longer than one of the incandescent bulbs. That means instead of changing a bulb every couple of months, you will go a year or more in between bulb changes.

The initial expense is also not so bad when you factor in the savings on your electric bill every month. Assuming $20 of every $100 of your electric bill is for lighting alone, you could save about $15 each month on lighting costs. CFLs use 75 percent electricity than the almost obsolete incandescent bulbs. This also translates to a reduction on energy, which is always a bonus for the environment. If you have an outdate fixture that does not work with CFLs, call an electrician. Los Angeles homeowners can update the lighting in their home and ultimately save money. Give The Electric Connection a call today and start saving money on your monthly electric bill.