Burbank Electrician – What Exactly Does an Electrical Contractor Do?

An electrician is someone who is able to fix and install electrical components, while an electrical contractor is a company or individual that employs a team of electricians to take on a variety of electrical tasks. These groups of tradesmen are responsible for performing all types of electrical work, including installing, removing and repairing electrical wiring. For a new construction electrical job, an electrical contractor will review the building’s blueprint, put together a basic plan for its electrical system and place a bid for the project.

In general, each electrical contractor will specialize in one or more types of electrical work. Each different electrical specialty has its own rules, regulations and techniques that an electrician in Burbank must follow. Here are some common specialties for electrical contractors:

Electrician Contractor

Electrician contractors do electrical work on residential and commercial properties. This includes installing fixtures, switches and outlets, electrical service installation and upgrades and other common electrical tasks. These contractors must pass a special certification test and meet state licensure requirements. Each electrician reports to and works in conjunction with an electrical contractor who will inspect and certify the work that they do.

Low Voltage Contractor

A low voltage contractor does electric work less than 600 VAC. This includes alarm installers, computer network engineers and alarm installers who deal with telephone, computer use and other nominal voltage systems.

Outside Plant Contractor

Outside plant electrical contractors are responsible for maintaining and installing the high voltage transmission lines that run between electric company facilities. This type of electrical contractor must not only be licensed, but also heavily trained in this specialized type of wiring. Because of the dangerous nature of this type of electrical work, only highly specialized and experienced contractors may participate in this type of electrical work.

While many electrical contractors specialize in a particular type of work, there are many who have compiled teams that can tackle a very wide variety of tasks. For your next project, don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit The Electric Connection website.

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