Beverly Hills Electrician – Why Not Hiring a Licensed Electrician Can Be Dangerous

Despite the fact that our electrical systems are one of the most important and most dangerous components of our homes and businesses, most homeowners avoid calling an electrician, especially if they think that they can tackle an issue themselves. Furthermore, there are many handymen and other non-licensed workers who will readily take on many electrical tasks although they do not have the proper licensure. Though in some cases, this can work out fine, choosing to go the least expensive route when it comes to your electrical system can result in some serious issues and reduced home electrical safety.

Here are some of the things that can occur if your electrical work is done by anyone other than a licensed electrician in Beverly Hills:

  1. Electrical Fire – Even though your newly installed fixtures, light switches or electrical outlets may look completely safe and normal on the outside, serious issues could be lurking underneath the surface. Components installed by an inexperienced installer can result in electrical shorts and fires that could lead to some very extensive damage on your home.
  2. Legal Action – Licensed and insured electricians carry insurance in order to protect themselves from any work-related injuries that may occur during the course of a job. By choosing a non-licensed installer, you place all of that liability on yourself.
  3. Lost Money – One of the easiest negative outcomes to handle is the simple loss of money. Either the person that you hire is unable to do the job completely, or they end up doing a job that needs fixed by a professional later on down the line.

Whatever the outcome, hiring a non-professional to perform electrical work on your home can result in some very dangerous situations. Though it may cost more up front, working with The Electric Connection (Click Here) will save you the time and cost required to fix any improper work or damaged caused by an unlicensed electrician.