DIY Projects Electrical Safety Tips by Beverly Hills Electrician

Spring and summer is the time of year we like to work around the house outside on the weekends. There are so many projects that we want to accomplish, we can tend to get a little rushed. When you are rushed, you overlook important safety precautions. DIY is a growing trend as people across the country new ways to recycle old stuff and make something new, useful and very cool. Take the pallet trend that is sweeping the nation. In order to make those awesome pallet signs and outdoor furniture, you need some tools. Before you pull out any power tool, your electrician in Beverly Hills has a few safety tips that will not only keep you safe, but ensure your project is a success with no injuries. The team at The Electric Connection can answer any questions you may have related to these tips.

1. Power tools tend to have short cords. If you must use an extension cord, use one that is appropriate for outdoor use. Do not connect more than one cord together. The cord should not be longer than 100 feet.
2. Plug any cords into GFCI outlets. This will ensure the electrical current will be cut off should anything interrupt the circuit. If you don’t currently have these outlets in your garage or outdoor work area, give your Beverly Hills electrician a call.
3. Never use a power tool that has a bad cord. If the cord is frayed, have it properly repaired.
4. If a tool trips a breaker, there is a good chance the breaker is overloaded. Find another outlet to use. If one is not available, consider having your work area upgraded with the help of an electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners can have a breaker added to their electric panel to help accommodate the power tools you want to use on your DIY projects.
5. Never use power tools in the rain. Wait for it to pass.
6. Never use power tools near power lines or electric wiring.

If you need new outlets or breakers to make your DIY a successful venture, give The Electric Connection a call today.