Do You Need an Electric Panel Upgrade? Electrician Answers

electriccon_11_7Have you been struggling with what feels like a lack of electricity in your home? You don’t have enough outlets and have extension cords plugged in here and there. Maybe you have to unplug appliances in the kitchen so you can use another one. Your microwave and toaster can’t run at the same time or your breaker trips. These are all major inconveniences and at times, they can pose a fire hazard. It may be time to consider an electric panel upgrade. The crew at The Electric Connection is familiar with this particular job and can get it done professionally and efficiently for you.

An electric panel upgrade is typically needed for homes that were built before the 1980s. 30 to 40 years ago and of course long before that, homes didn’t have even half of the appliances that we have today. There wasn’t a computer, television and even a mini fridge in every room. Today, we are very dependent on the gadgets that run our life and make life easier and that means we are very dependent on the electricity needed to keep them going. An electrician in California can upgrade the panel and give you the additional electricity you need to make your home run smoother.

Once the panel is upgraded to 200 amp or higher service, you can have additional outlets installed. You can have some of the outlets in the kitchen put on separate breakers so you can run your microwave, toaster and coffee maker at the same time. You will discover the upgrade truly makes your life a little easier. You may even be able to save some time in the morning and will absolutely reduce your frustration as you work around your electrical problems. Your California electrician is ready to help. Just give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your initial consultation.