5 Electric Safety Tips by Electrician in Burbank

With the spring weather lifting out spirits and encouraging us to get outside and take care of some of the little projects around the house, there are a few things you should know about electricity. Working outside or even inside will likely involve some kind of electricity. It is a good time to remind ourselves of some things we should do to ensure not only our own safety, but the safety of those in our homes and around us. An electrician in Burbank has some tips for you to stay safe this spring. You can count on The Electric Connection to answer any questions you may have about electrical safety.

Tip 1-Never use an indoor extension cord outside. Only use cords that are designated for outdoor use. These are the heavy-duty cords that are round and thick. Indoor cords are typically flat and thin.

Tip 2-To cut down on the use of extension cords outside, hire an electrician. Burbank residents can opt to have additional outlets installed outside to make it easy to plug in various power tools.

Tip 3-Only use the recommended wattage of light bulbs in all of your lights—indoors and outdoors. Keep bulbs away from surfaces to avoid a surface overheating and igniting.

Tip 4-Do not overload an outlet. Large power tools or appliances will typically need to be the only item plugged into an outlet.

Tip 5-If a breaker continually pops or if an outlet feels warm to the touch, call an electrician. In the meantime, avoid using the outlet and the outlet connected to the breaker. These are signs of trouble that can lead to an electrical fire if not handled quickly.

If you have electrical concerns or would like an electrician to take care of some of the items on this list, give The Electric Connection a call today.