Electric Shower Info from an Electrician in Glendale

In most cases, the water for showers or baths are heated using a water heater in the basement or other area of the home. However, there are certain situations where this is not practical. Especially if you travel, you may come across electric showers.

An electric shower has a special shower head where the water is heated directly at the point of use. There are pros and cons when it comes to these devices. Learn more about an electric shower and find out if one may be the solution to your warm shower needs.


An electric shower works well in homes that have low water pressure because the electric shower also has a built-in pump to increase the pressure. Additionally, if you are trying to conserve energy, an electric shower uses less electricity than a water heater that is constantly heating the water whether it is being used or not. A final benefit to using this type of shower is that in areas where the temperature is cold, a traditional water heater may not be able to get the temperature as high as it needs to be.


The only main con to using an electric shower is that it requires some additional electrical work, (Click Here). Luckily, if this is something you want done, contacting The Electric Connection, an electrician Glendale, is an easy way to get the job done. Some people worry that having electrical parts near the shower is dangerous. However, there is a grounding wire, and if the system is properly connected there is no more risk using this shower than there is with any other shower.

If an electric shower is something you wanted to add to your home, call an electrician in Glendale from The Electric Connection today, and let us help you with the choice and installation of an electric shower.