Burbank Electrician Explains Top Ways to Save on Your Electric Bill

In today’s tough economic landscape, the idea of saving money on your electric bill is especially appealing. By following a few simple tips you will find that your monthly bill will shrink—giving you additional money to do the things you want to do. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Use Fans – Fans use much less electricity than air conditioners. Installing an attic fan or even ceiling fans around your house can help you keep the AC use to a minimum. An electrician in Burbank from The Electric Connection can help with the installation project. (Click Here)

Use Energy Saving Bulbs – An energy saving bulb can produce as much light as a typical bulb but at a significant energy savings. These bulbs cost more up front but cut the electric bill by a significant sum.

Use Power Strips – Most electronic devices use power even when turned off because they remain in a standby mode. If you plug many of your products into power strips and flip the switch off at night you can reduce energy use.

Eliminate Appliances – Do you need all the electric appliances you use? Are there any you could replace with gas-powered appliances? Look over your appliance use and see where you can make changes.

Replace Old Electronics – Older electronics often use more electricity than newer ones. Newer products follow Energy Star standards so they are cheaper in terms of energy consumption. Replacing appliances often saves money in the long run.

Turn Down the Water Heater – If you use an electric water heater, you may not need it as high as it is. See if you can turn it down a few degrees and save money from heating costs.

Saving electricity isn’t just about reducing the impact on your wallet, it is good for the environment too. Contact The Electric Connection, the electrician Burbank residents trust, today and see what other changes may help your bottom line too.