Fighting Back Against Phantom Power by Pasadena Electrician

You have probably heard it time and again; we need to reduce the demand on our natural resources. We also know we should be saving a little more for our retirement, but it seems like there is no way around the basic monthly bills. No matter what you do, it may seem like you are still breaking even. You shut off lights and walk to work once a week, but the electric bill stays the same and your gas bill is the same. That is likely due to rising rates. Imagine if you didn’t make an effort to reduce your monthly bills? You would be paying more! Your Pasadena electrician is here to encourage you to learn about phantom power and to do your best to fight back against it. You can always call The Electric Connection if you have questions.

Phantom power is a very real thing! You can put a few extra dollars in your pocket every month by fighting back against this electricity sucking phenomena, but it will require your whole house to be on board. According to the Lawrence Berkley National Library, every home has about 40 appliances in the home that remain plugged in around the clock. The appliances may rarely be used, but we keep them plugged in because it is convenient. This is costing us money. In fact, it is estimated phantom power accounts for about 10 percent of an electricity bill. So, assuming your electric bill is $100 every month, $10 of that is all for naught. For the blinking light on the DVD player you haven’t used in a month or the cell phone charger that stays plugged in all day and night whether your phone is attached or not.

If you are not completely sure what phantom power is or have more questions about it, call your electrician. Pasadena residents can count on the team at The Electric Connection to provide the answers to your electric questions.