Hidden Dangers Behind Your Outlets by Glendale Electrician

electricon4_3-16Your home is the place where you feel safest. It has all your creature comforts. Things like your favorite chair where you sit and watch television or play on your laptop. While you are sitting there, feeling comfortable, you may be in danger. If your laptop charger is plugged in, you are at risk of electrocution if the outlet is hiding a dangerous situation. Your television and all electronic devices that are plugged into a bad outlet are at risk of being short-circuited and possibly ruined. An electrician in Glendale is here to tell you that a single faulty can be extremely dangerous. The team at The Electric Connection has trained professionals that can identify problems and then take care of them.

It takes very little for an outlet to become unsafe for regular use. Outlets in older homes are at a higher risk of being faulty, especially if they were wired with cloth insulated wiring. Over time, the cloth frays and falls away and the wires are bare. Plugging things into the outlet and unplugging mildly disturbs the outlet, which can result in the wires touching. This can create a spark that can start a fire or cause an electrical shock when another device is plugged in explains an electrician. Glendale homeowners who have felt a mild or major shock when using an appliance plugged into an outlet, need to have it investigated immediately.

Another problem that may cause an outlet to become dangerous are rodents. Rodents have a strange desire to chew electrical wires. They can chew through the wires, leaving them exposed and arcing. Again, this leaves you prone to an electrical fire or electrocution. Your Glendale electrician can do a fairly quick inspection to identify any hazards. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule a home inspection to determine whether or not your outlets are hiding a dangerous secret.