Hiding Home Entertainment Wiring with Pasadena Electrician

blog_electricianWith flat screen televisions the new norm in home entertainment systems, those large, wooden entertainment centers are being phased out. Now, it is much easier to simply hang the television on the wall and free up quite a bit of space in the living area. Unfortunately, those entertainment centers provided a nice camouflage for all of the wires that go along with your media equipment. Your Pasadena electrician has a few tips to help you make it all look a little cleaner and less disorganized. If you need help installing or organizing your electrical cords, you can always call The Electric Connection.

Cord Organizers

Your first step is to tidy up the cords that have a lot of length left. These can turn into a tangled mess on the floor that can ultimately become a hazard. Kids and pets will love the cords and could electrocute themselves or yank the television down. Consider using cord organizers, which are small plastic cases that keep cords wound up and out of sight, or use cable ties to keep the extra length in check.

Hide the Cords

Hide the cords under the equipment, behind the shelf or stand the equipment is on or if using a flat screen, behind the television. You can also find nifty covers that run the length of the wall. The covers hide the cords and can be painted to match your existing wall.

More Outlets

Many older homes have outlets that are close to the floor. Consider having an electrician in Pasadena install an outlet higher up on the wall for you to plug your flat screen into. This will keep you from running the cord down the wall.

In a Closet

Consider hiding your electrical wires and cords in a closet or pantry. This will need to be taken care of by an electrician. Pasadena homeowners can successfully put all of their necessary equipment in this small space, keeping the room clean and tidy. Give The Electric Connection a call today to take care of your home entertainment needs.

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