Electrician Santa Monica – Using a Portable Generator

Even though they won’t be able to provide full power to your home in the event of an extended power outage, there are many practical uses for a portable generator. Depending on what you do in your free time, you may be surprised at how many parts of the country do not have electricity that is easily accessed. A portable generator can help ensure that you have access to electricity, even when you want to spend time outdoors. If you need to take electricity to an area that has no electrical outlets, then a portable generator is one of the best routes to go. Here are a few ways to use your portable generator:

Tailgating – Many tailgating locations do not have electrical outlets that are easy to access. To solve this problem, just bring your own generator along. You can place your generator in the back of your truck so that you have all the power that you need to keep your television, satellite dish and any other electrical devices going for the entire game.

Camping – Even if you like to rough it for most of your trip, having access to electricity while camping can be very handy. This way, you can charge your phone and use any electrical devices that you may not have brought if you did not have access to electricity.

Emergency Backup Power – Though portable generators are not designed to provide long-term emergency power, they can be great to have around when power is lost. You will need to keep your portable generator outside of your home so that you do not vent combustible gases into your home. You can still, however, bring lines of power into your home to keep essentials such as lighting and refrigeration going for a short period of time.

Portable generators are good to have, because you can take them with you to provide power wherever you need it. They are not stationary, and do not require the assistance of an electrician in Santa Monica such as The Electric Connection to set up and start using. Give us a call if you have any questions about standalone or portable generators.