An Electrician in Burbank Discusses Your New Home Purchase

When you are shopping for a new home, you have a lot of things on your mind. You want to find the perfect place to live, in a great neighborhood and you do not want to break your budget. However, there is one other thing you want to keep in mind—the electrical system. While you will have a home inspector check the house and he will check the basic electrical system as part of the whole house survey, it is good to make a few basic checks yourself too. You can call an electrician Burbank from Electric Connection to help you. However, if you want to check some things yourself, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Check that all wires are neatly bundled and squared as they enter the connection points. This will show you how careful the original electrician was.
  • Make sure that all circuit breakers only have one wire entering the terminal. This is what the NEC requires to maintain proper code.
  • Check for a neatly written or printed list of circuits inside the cover.
  • Go into the attic and make certain all electrical work up there is neat and seems safe.
  • For older homes, make sure that all receptacles are grounded, requiring a three prong plug. You can find a test kit for this at Home Depot or a similar store.
  • Make certain all ceiling fans are installed properly. This is a do-it-yourself project many people take on that can sometimes go awry.
  • Check outside receptacles for a waterproof cover and test these outlets as well.

These are just a few of the things that you need to keep in mind as far as the electrical system in a home you are considering purchasing. Remember, if you ever have questions or concerns during the process, call your electrician in Burbank—Electric Connection.