Need Your House Rewired? Check These Signs

house rewire signs, outlet fireHow important is it really to make sure your house has adequate wiring? In the United States, fire departments across the country respond to over 25,000 home electrical fires every year. The U.S. Fire Administration has reported that these fires have caused 28- deaths, 1,125 injuries, and over $1 billion in property loss and damage.

The major cause in these house fires? Improperly installed outlets and receptacles, interior home wiring, and other miscellaneous home wirings.

These numbers may seem staggering, but there are simple steps to prevent your home from being another statistic. Schedule an appointment for a professional electrician to visit your home to check out the wiring. It may seem like a big expense to have your home completely rewired with a new panel installed, but considering the alternatives, it’s better to play it safe than sorry.

Fortunately, there are warning signs telling you if you need a house rewire. Your electrical system will often show you in advance that things are wrong. Below we have included a list of the signs to look out for.

  • Frequently blow fuses or breakers tripping
  • Overloaded electrical panel
  • Lights flickering or dimming randomly
  • Discolored or hot to touch switch plates, cords, or plugs
  • Frequently burned out light bulbs
  • Strange noises, such as sizzling or buzzing
  • Strange smells, such as a burning smell
  • Sparks when plugging things into outlets
  • Loose outlets
  • Insulation that is cracked or cut
  • Shocks when touching a cord

Other than warning signs, there are other situations that may call for a house rewire. It’s a good idea to have an electrician come out to check on your electrical system every few years. If your home is older than 40 years old or you have had any major renovations or remodels, you may need to have a new panel upgrade to support the use. Below are some other situations you may need a rewire.

  • Relying on extension cords to supply power
  • The use of ungrounded, two-prong outlets
  • The presence of aluminum wiring

Even if you are not experiencing any of these warning signs or solutions, an electrician can give you more details on the state of your electrical system in your home. If you haven’t had it checked in a while, be safe and call an electrician today.

The Electric Connection has been providing the Los Angeles area with house rewires and panel upgrades for over 30 years. If you are experiencing any issues, please call us today!