Interior Lighting Know-How From a Burbank Electrician

Interior lighting consists of the lights on the ceilings and walls in all of the rooms in a house, as well as the lamps and other lighting fixtures that you may have in your home. There are many different styles of interior lights to choose from such as track lighting, chandeliers, pendant lighting, recessed lighting, wall sconces and more. Choosing the type and style of lighting that you like best can be difficult, but fun at the same time. As far as the proper placement of your lighting fixtures goes, an Burbank electrician can help you decide what works best.

Chandeliers can be used in any home, but the bigger styles tend to work well in larger homes or rooms with high ceilings. There are many chandelier options that you can choose from in all different shapes, sizes and finishes. Electric Connection is the electrician Burbank homeowners rely on for professional lighting and chandelier installations.

Another style of lighting that’s very common is a ceiling fan with built-in lights.  A support box is required to support the weight of the fan, so if there’s no existing junction box these may require a little more work to install than a chandelier.  With a ceiling fan you have the added benefit, though, of having both the lighting and a fan in one unit.

As we know, most lamps need to be turned on and off at the lamp switch, but a certified electrician from Electric Connection can easily wire your outlets so that you can use your wall switches to turn your lamps on and off instead. This type of set up makes your table lamps even more convenient and easy to use.

Of course, there are even more options for lighting in your house, but you’ll definitely want to consider choosing one or more of the options we’ve mentioned since they’re the most popular. When you’re ready to install or update your home lighting, you can give us a call at Electric Connection.