Leave the Thermostat Alone Says Electrician in Burbank

Are you one of those who loves the idea of summer, but you hate the heat? Enjoying the warm weather while you are spending a day at the beach or enjoying a picnic with family in the great outdoors is one thing, but what about when you are tired of the heat? After a long day at work or a long day in the sun, you are probably hoping for some relief from the sweltering temperatures.

You probably thought it was a waste of money to run the air conditioner all day while you were out. You would be right, but now that you are back home, you are wishing you would have left it running and running up your electric bill. Your electrician in Burbank has some valuable tips to help you stay cool without wasting a ton of cash on your electric bill.

1-Don’t turn the AC up and down. When you get home and it is hot in the house and you crank the AC down, you will cause the unit to run constantly as it works to cool your home. This is hard on the air conditioning unit and will counteract any savings you thought you were creating by turning it off during the day. Instead, set the AC to 78 while you are away. If you can, leave it there.

2-Invest in a few fans. Ceiling fans are excellent, inexpensive ways to stay cool during the summer. If you do not currently have one, call your electrician. Burbank residents can call The Electric Connection to have a qualified, trained professional install one of these cost-saving devices in your home.

3-Close the windows before you leave. Pull the shades and shut the windows. You don’t want the sun heating up the room. You will be surprised at how well your house will stay cool when the sun is kept out.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can save on your electric bill, give The Electric Connection a call today.