Phantom Power Real or Science Fiction? Burbank Electrician Explains

It may sound like science fiction, but phantom power is very real and it is costing you real money. It isn’t a lot of money, but when you add it up, it can be more than a hundred dollars a year. And let’s face it, every dollar in your pocket helps. Learning how to stop that phantom from stealing your power is easy and your Burbank electrician is here to give you the power you need. Okay, really it is just knowledge, but knowledge is power and The Electric Connection wants to help you keep your hard earned cash in your pocket.

Phantom power is the electricity that is being pulled from anything and everything you have plugged in, whether it is on or not. Just because you are not using your coffee maker does not mean it is not drawing a current. This goes for your cell phone charger as well. Even if you are not charging your phone or laptop, the charger is pulling electricity and running up your bill. One charger or small appliance isn’t going to cost you a lot of money, but take a walk around your house and look at everything that is currently plugged in.

Make a list of things that can be unplugged when not in use. You will see the savings on your electric bill almost immediately. Obviously, it doesn’t make sense to pull out furniture everyday to get to some items, but just focus on the cords that are easily unplugged. If you want more energy savings tips, contact your local electrician. Burbank homeowners may find it is easier to plug several items like your television, DVD player and stereo all into one powerstrip. This makes it easy to turn it off and on without unplugging numerous devices. Give The Electric Connection a call today to find out more.