3 Reasons You Want Recessed Lighting by Burbank Electrician

5-2015-3As you look around your home, you can probably find at least 10 things that you would like to upgrade or change. Lighting is one of those things you can upgrade and make a huge difference in your home by really doing very little. One of the latest trends in lighting is something called recessed lighting. New homes are typically built with recessed lighting. There are some real benefits to recessed lighting that your electrician in Burbank can point out for you. The team at The Electric Connection can explain more about recessed lighting if you are interested.

1-Recessed lighting can make a room look bigger. It is a lighting trick that can transform a small space with something that is referred to as wall-washing. The washing part is due to light being reflected onto the wall by using a special trip around the light base. This is something you can learn more about when you talk with your electrician. Burbank homeowners will be amazed at the difference recessed lighting can make in a room.

2-The room will feel bigger because there isn’t a light fixture hanging from the ceiling and taking up space. Some light fixtures create shadows and dark areas in the room that make it feel and look smaller.

3-Recessed lighting reduces the risk of a light fixture and the bulb being damaged and shattering all over the room. Accidents do happen, but you can reduce the risk of someone being hurt when a ball is thrown or somebody gets a little wild with the broom.

Your Burbank electrician will take care of the installation of the recessed lighting. You will get to choose the rim color and design. There are plenty of options to choose from and you are sure to find one that perfectly suits your tastes. Give The Electric Connection a call today and schedule your recessed lighting installation.